MONAT - MONAT Energy™ Natural Berry

MONAT Energy™ Natural Berry


An all-natural drink mix to fuel your body and mind.*

NEW & IMPROVED MONAT Energy™ now mixes more easily, features new easy-open stick packs, and comes in three delicious natural flavors: Pineapple, Dragon Fruit, and better-tasting Berry. Enjoy this refreshing, plant-based drink mix formulated with cutting-edge ingredients that enhance alertness, focus, and mood. Does not contain sugar, synthetic stimulants, or anything artificial.*
  • Provides energy*
  • Helps to delay fatigue*
  • Supports physical performance*
  • Supports mental alertness and focus*
  • Sugar-free Natural Pineapple, Natural Dragon Fruit, and Natural Berry flavors
  • Convenient, easy-open stick packs for on-the-go energy*
Mix one packet in 8 to 12 fl. oz. of water, once daily.

Green Coffee Bean 
The source of polyphenols, which are known as antioxidants.* 
Most commonly found in coffee beans and tea and has been consumed for centuries to support mental alertness and focus. This natural stimulant increases energy levels and improves mood.*
Vitamin B12 
Known to be a necessary vitamin to prevent fatigue. 
Rhodiola Rosea 
Traditionally known as a botanical adaptogen whose root has long been used in herbal remedies.

FDA Disclaimer
*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
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I don't skip a day without it!! That says it all :) New formula berry is my favorite, tastes like candy!

Dragon fruit pack

This product is amazing! The first time I’ve used it I could feel more awake, with energy, had more mental sharpness. But then your like well I’m gone crash and I’m going to feel it big time like it happens to be with energy drinks! Surprisingly I didn’t! Although I gotta point out that is dose have a smell before and a lil after taking ur first sip! Nothing unbearable though totally worth it.