MONAT - Immune Support

Immune Support


MONAT Immune Support

MONAT Immune Support is powered by vitamins, minerals, and herbal adaptogens, all delivered in one, easy-to-swallow capsule to help protect and support ongoing immune function.

MONAT Immune Support provides efficacious amounts of zinc and vitamins C and D, scientifically studied to support the body’s natural immune response. These power players are bolstered by herbal extracts echinacea and ginseng, as well as the adaptogens in our custom five-mushroom blend.

• Provides 100% or more of daily values of vitamins C and D and the minerals zinc and selenium 
• Contains 5,000 IUs of plant-based vitamin D2 
• Offers traditional herbal adaptogen ingredients ginseng and echinacea at a concentrated 10:1 ratio
• Custom five-mushroom blend 
• Engineered to deliver daily immune support in only one capsule 
• Vegan capsules are colored with naturally green chlorophyll to protect ingredient quality from sunlight


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100% recomendado

Se lo compre a mi mamá, se le hizo fácil de tomar porque son fáciles de tragar, ha mejorado muchos aspectos de su salud, ella dice se siente mejor.


He sentido fortalecida mi salud

Love ALL in one

I have been taking this for 2 months now, easy on the stomach and made in the USA . Today things are mass produced with less nutrients. This gives me that extra boost to help support a healthy lifestyle .

Immune support

Gives me energy daily