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S3™ Supplement Support System (60 Capsules)


Healthy hair from the inside out! The little things you can do for yourself often have the biggest impact, and S3™ by MONAT is no exception.

S3 by MONAT - Supplement Support System, all natural, hair growth supplement. Advanced nutrition for beautiful hair, because it's yours!

Proprietary Blend:


  • A rich source of sulfur – a key component of collagen and keratin that supports the structural integrity of the hair and skin.

  • Improves the elasticity of both the hair and skin. Helps to improve the appearance of aging skin and hair.

  • May promote hair growth and increase the amount of hair in individuals experiencing hair loss.
Other Key Ingredients:

Vitamin A (as beta-carotene)

  • Counteracts Vitamin A deficiency which is common in people who are experiencing hair loss.

  • Contains anti-aging properties which are beneficial to hair health.

  • Provides structural support to the hair shaft and follicle.

Take (2) capsules daily, preferably with a meal or as directed by your healthcare practitioner.

  • Gluten Free
  • Non-GMO
  • Non-animal
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Amazing growth and strength

I put off getting the S3 vitamins because they are pretty pricey, but man, you really get what you pay for with these. My hair grows super fast and my nails are stronger than ever while taking them. Very impressed!

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I wanted to prove they wouldn't work

I bought these because I wanted to prove they didn't work. AND BOY, Monat proved me wrong! My hair grew so fast while on these I could not believe it. They made my nails and hair so strong and grow so quick.

I recommend to anyone- person with hair loss to the girl who hates how short the stylist cut her hair. You'll be shocked how fast its growing out and how strong it is! Get the dang supplements.

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S3 Multiple Benefits

I have conducted extensive research into each of the ingredients in the S3. Who knew healthy hair, skin and nails were just 2 daily pills a day away?!
-Vitamin A - counteracts deficiencies common in those experiencing hair loss.
-Vitamin C - a powerful antioxidant that helps form and maintain connective tissue such as skin, including protecting against skin wrinkling.
-Vitamin B1 - a helpful metabolizer, which maintains proper heart and nerve function (circulation helps get other nutrients to all parts of the body, like our skin).
-Riboflavin - Allows oxygen to be used by the body (again, necessary for overall health).
- Niacinamide - Effective skin-restoring ingredient to help improve the appearance of weakened skin surface and aging skin. (Our scalp ages faster than the rest of our skin.)
-Vitamin B6 - Helps convert food to fuel, metabolize fats and produce red blood cells (see B1).
-Folate - Encourages cell and tissue growth (e.g. skin).
-Vitamin B12 - Important for cell reproduction, protein and tissue synthesis (protein is a huge component of hair).
-Biotin - Provides structural support to the hair shaft and follicle. Also can increase thickness of nails for those with brittle nails (did this for me, no more ridges!).
-Pantothenic acid - Synthesizes and metabolizes proteins, carbs, and fats. (proteins exist in hair)
-Zinc, Selenium, Copper (as amino chelates) - anti-aging properties, which are beneficial to hair health. Zinc deficiency can lead to hair loss.
-Proprietary Blend: OptiMSM, ActivAloe, EvnolMax - rich in sulfur - key component of collagen and keratin that support structural integrity of hair and skin, improves skin and hair elasticity and improves appearance of aging skin and hair, and promotes hair growth and increases the amount of hair for those experiencing hair loss.

Love, love, love S3. My hair has grown 3 inches in 2.5 months. Nails are constantly needing to be filed and are strong.

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I took this for two months every single night! My hair has grown 3-4 inches in length...and thicker! Also my nails are twice as strong and growing like crazy! I was super impressed with these as I was using another brand I thought I loved before hand but now this is my fav! With the hair system plus the pills my hair and nails are finally growing so healthy!

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S3 Hair Supplement (60 Capsules)

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